Rescue Bear Operation - 3000+ users in 1st few weeks!

October 14, 2016

Hi Everyone! 

Wanted to let everyone know that we're off to an awesome start! We've now exceeded over 3000+ users who've tried out Rescue Bear Operation! 

Our positive rating is sitting at 88%!!!  (Yay!)

Want to personally thank all the Steam Early Access users who have downloaded & tried the game. Submitted ratings, feedback (good & bad), created Youtube videos, & shared with their friends! We'll be making more posts soon!

Additionally; just wrapped up Steam Dev Days. Will be taking some of those key learnings & implementing asap! Fantastic conference - so hats off to Valve for making this happen! 

Stay tuned folks... we have a new build coming hopefully in the next few weeks or sooner. 

Please follow/like us on the Rescue Bear Operation FB page! 

Please feel free to try out Rescue Bear Operation up on Steam Early Access!  It's free! (*Note: A DLC purchase will go towards creating new levels, content, features, etc)

Thank you again! 


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