Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023!!!

December 31, 2022

Hello Everyone! 

I know it's been a long while - so wanted to share some quick updates for what the hecks been going on in 2022 - and explain why things have been so... quiet!

First... I feel it's important to be very up front, open, & honest. So advance apologies if any of this comes across as 'over-sharing'.

On a personal front, 2022 has been a rather insane roller-coaster ride. In Jan I switched jobs from one awesome company (Razer), and back to another - Microsoft. It was a very difficult decision; but one that has brought me back into the trenches to work more closely with game developers. This time, for Xbox games devs, on a performance analyzing/debugging tool call Xbox PIX. It may sound uber geeky - but it's fun to really get back into the nuts and bolts of todays AAA video games and figure out how to better help them. There's a TON of fun work ahead of me.

It's also with a lot of sadness to share that my dad passed away on Father's day. In his own words - "It's time". We had the funeral a few months later in August. So much to say there, but as the months slipped by and into the holidays - let's just say I really miss talking to him and not having the ability to visit him in person anymore. He is sorely missed.

If that weren't enough, I was really hoping to get the Kickstarter going for Rescue Bear going this year. However; with my new job, my lead developer also taking a job back at Microsoft, and my lead Artist taking a position at Amazon Game Studios ----- let's just say we sort of hit the perfect storm this year in terms of delays. Suffice to say though - we are still a very committed team. And... our page is really, and truly ready to launch on Kickstarter. At this stage I'm lining up some meetings with a few folks over at the IGDA to help with raising awareness before launching.

I'll leave it here for now. I'm truly glossing over a ton of details in 2022, but everyone.... is living life.

With that.... wishing you all a very Merry 7th Day of Christmas, a safe, and Happy New Year in 2023! 

Best wishes to you all!



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