Welcome to Rescue Bear Operation

What is it? Rescue Bear Operation is a free to play, one level, mini game intended for children; but appealing to all ages.  What sets it apart? We wanted to create a game that is socially redeeming to play; and gives back a sizable portion of its proceeds to charitable causes that are victims of wildfires. We believe in 100% transparency and will document the process so players of the game will know how they're making a real world impact & difference!

Story Overview

Rescue Bear Operation – is a game that’s been on the drawing board since 2003.  It’s a game idea that I’ve had that wasn't possible back then largely because of the cost to build a video game.  Currently that situation has changed with today’s video game engines and we’re in a golden age for making games!


Stay tuned! In early 2017 we will be a Kickstarter for Rescue Bear Operation; with the goal of bringing in more funding to help create additional content.Ultimately once fully launched - will be tracking here what causes we'll be donating a large portion of our proceeds to.  We want to make a positive difference! Please also follow us on the Rescue Bear Operation Facebook page.

The Game

Rescue Bear Operation went live Thursday Sept 29th 2016 via Steam Early Access.  We have now reached over 17,000 users! The game is built on the Unity 5.0 Game Engine.


Key platform targeted will be Microsoft Windows.