Thought Ops Consulting Services

Consulting for those that only want the best when it comes to Strategic Business Planning, Forecasting, & Analysis.


When you want someone to consult for you who’s actually planned, program managed, tested, marketed, & shipped industry leading & award winning products repeatedly. 

Most recently - I've shipped my very own children's video game on Steam Early Access; called Rescue Bear Operation.  So far so good - in a little over 2 months I've exceeded 15,000 players! Stay tuned for the Kickstarter story.

Areas of Expertise

  • PC, Mobile, & Console platforms
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Market Research & Analysis


20+ Years in the Tech Industry providing:  

  • Strategic Business Development & Planning
  • Lead Program Management
  • Marketing & Market Analysis
  • Developer Relations Management
  • Portfolio Planning

Instrumental Team member shipping:

  • Sidewinder Gaming Devices
  • Multiple PC Games
  • DirectX 10, & 11
  • Windows 7
  • Project Larrabee/Phi
  • Ultrabooks
  • Intel HD Graphics (Iris/Iris Pro)


  • Featured repeatedly in major gaming press & articles


Please contact for rates which vary by project.