Prelude: Jhost - A world called Hope (tm)

August 22, 2017

And so it begins….

In that moment….. these several events happened near simultaneously.

 Flash of light - immediately followed by the deafening roar of a Thunderclap!  This man is convinced he’s just been killed.  There is a sensation of weightlessness, nothing beneath his feet, then a slipping away into unconsciousness.  

 A Low throaty rumbling sounds on the Horizon.  Their heads turn eastward. Wren, Perilon and Fenea, peer across the low rolling plains blanketed and checkered by wheat in the dark golden hues of a late harvest.  They notice that the mountains in the far distance are being enveloped by an ominous and unusual looking thunderstorm colored in an unnatural pallor; tones of ochre and charcoal mottling.  Deep chills shoot through all of their bodies simultaneously.  Something doesn’t look or feel right about this oncoming storm.  Storms usually come out of the North West.  Not out of the East like this one. It likely forebodes one thing…..

 Several smoky contrails can be seen arcing across the sky at incredible speeds heading north; this is soon followed up by several loud thunderous ‘Booms’ in quick succession. These hurtling objects make a high pitched screaming sound combined with a crackling howl and popping noise in their dread wakes.  Princess Aelenor continued to track them north until they were lost from sight.  What were they?  Her left hand fell from shielding her squinting eyes to twirling a lock of that famously golden colored hair.  She quickly gave up on pondering whatever those things were; going back to distractions common amongst teens of her age. 

 A dull light blue glow emanated from the gaudy pendant strung around Allessa’s delicate neck that continued to grow a little brighter day by day; but only as long as they headed in a southerly direction. South is bad, south is takes us into harm’s way she thought to herself.  However; she had to know the truth about the pendant around her neck – whatever the cost.  She knew she would be safe though.  Her mentor, Varina Valan, would be by her side; who incidentally was perhaps the most accomplished warrior and weapons master of her era.  

 The northern heavens that night were awash in sheets of multicolored hues that appeared to be dancing; the twinkling audience of stars observed silently in the backdrop.  In all his years, Gar had never seen the heaven’s spring to life so vividly.  This spectacular show of lights can mean only one thing.  It is time….. Time to go…time to start packing for a very long journey.  The prophecies are starting to begin, and if true, it can mean only one thing.  The curse breaker has finally arrived.



Jhost™ is a primary character from my original fantasy fiction novel. Jhost is navigating his way in a world called Hope - he does not recollect. The story of Jhost has been around since 2003 and is only now being unveiled summer of 2017. All content posted to page copyright ©2017-present, and intellectual property of Ployhar. All Rights Reserved. No use or reproduction of characters or artwork permitted. Do not use, edit, re-upload, or redistribute any content in any way. Visitors may view content belonging to the author and nothing more. Any use in any way is strictly forbidden. All of these works are not public domain, never have been, and never will be. Do not use, re-upload, edit, etc. any text, image, or character. Artwork of Jhost uploaded to artist's portfolios share these rights and reservations.

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